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Julie Ann’s love of creativity has been inspired since early childhood, the locality on the Isle of Wight being a great influence on how she views her work and the land and sea effects how she approaches all areas of creativity.  Growing up with an enquiring mind spending large amounts of her time outside she was encouraged to look beyond the obvious and consider using unusual materials in a creative way to find a solution, aiding the freedom to explore and try new ideas.  Julie has a Fine Art BA (Hons) degree and continued her studies to gain a PGCE giving her practical experience of teaching art.

Julie Ann’s preference is hands on, challenging herself in trying new tools and ways to approach each process. Through the use of such an array of materials her work covers a broad mix of all the experiences of past and present life.  

Dichroic Glass Jewellery – Julie Ann finds working in glass is such an organic medium although hard it has a fragility which she loves.  Once fused the pieces blend and mould together and are encouraged to morph into their own form, with irregularity and uniqueness of each piece. Her preference is having the final finish of a Dichroic layer rather than an overlay of clear glass, this shows off the effervescent petroleum sheen.

Silver Jewellery – Recently Julie Ann has been developing her skills in Sterling Silver.  The flexibility of the Silver is exciting lending itself to both precise lines and the organic curves and flow of the thinner pieces. Through manipulation individual pieces emerge from the process.  It has its challenges as Julie Ann has to be strict regarding her working practice as there is little scope for errors, overworking, over heating can mean time spent wasted.

Wire Wrapped Sea glass – Wrapping Sea Glass is quite therapeutic and offers a more organic piece.  These pieces can be as plain or intricate as the glass dictates.  The glass is local and has been collected over a period of time from various Isle of Wight beaches, we do not have such an array of colours as are found in say California, but each piece could tell its own story. This sea glass is also used in Julie Ann’s Silver jewellery as are precious stones which have been polished..

Painting - Julie Ann’s Abstract Paintings develop, from a starting point of an emotive or representational image. Through experimenting with different mediums, from Acrylic, oil, shellac, industrial and household paint, collage, plaster all spontaneously chosen, working and reworking over and over, layer after layer, the overall feel and flow of the piece is achieved.  Commissions start with a relationship to a place, colours or subject put forward / requested when commissioned, and from this the painting evolves.